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Wingmaws are a biological oddity, an evolutionary branch of Balmorran life that developed on an isolated chain of islands; it was only six hundred years ago that wingmaws were accidentally carried to the mainland by unwary explorers. The creatures maintain insect-like social structures despite their reptilian appearance, frequently traveling in groups and favoring open spaces to dark caves.

The wingmaw population on Balmorra has increased rapidly since the Imperial invasion, as the creatures’ primary predator–the Balmorran maweater, another transplant from the island chain–was completely wiped out during the bombardment. Unchecked, the wingmaw has become a threat to Imperial and resistance soldiers alike and wreaked havoc on the rest of the Balmorran ecosystem. They are bold carnivores and scavengers, happily swarming on a lone fighter or an unprepared convoy.
Category: Bestiary
Related planet: Tython, Balmorra
Unlockable by: All Classes
Faction: Both
XP level: 16
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• Wingmaw Bonecleaner
• Wingmaw Flayer
• Ravenous Darkpyre
• Scavenging Wingmaw
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