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Uprisings are mid-level difficulty for endgame players. They come between the flashpoints and operations. We have gathered maps, objectives, and secrets or shortcuts to help you navigate them.

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Republic Loyalists under the command of General Amos Rike have displaced Alliance forces on Denova and seized control of the baradium mines. Efforts to reclaim the mines have been thwarted by Republic artillery bombarding the “no man’s land” between the Alliance beach head and the central processing facility. But where an army fails, a small team could succeed in navigating the battlefield trenches and taking out the Republic defenses.

The Basics

The trench in this uprising is the same trench from Explosive Conflict before the puzzle boss. The object of the uprising is to capture the three bunkers and activate them. To do this, you have to kill the named Commanders at each bunker. This isn’t super hard to do by itself, but the continuous spawning of large numbers of mobs makes it way more difficult.

The easiest way to get past these areas is to kill the Commander first and then focus on the rest. One person drawing aggro on the adds and kiting them around using line of sight or everyone just powering through them using line of sight and AoE the heck out of them. Your healer and/or ranged dps should be near kolto stations in case they need that extra help.

The Boss: General Rike & Hover Tank

Tank HPGeneral Rike
1,440,000 (story)
2,980,00 (veteran)
204,000 (story)
408,000 (veteran)

The Boss: Basic Mechanics

There are two main attacks for the tank:
➤ A missile blast attack that drops AoEs on the ground
➤ A warhead attack on the person with the highest threat (this deals pretty high damage)

Every 25% drop in damage, the tank will knock you off, raise its shields and start a regeneration cycle. You can destroy the shield by activating the airstrike with the button provided.

General Rike will say “Now you’ll see what real Republic soldiers can do” and will summon a bunch of mobs that have to be killed.

After the tank is destroyed, General Rike will jump down and you will only have 30 seconds to defeat him. Good Luck!

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